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If you live in Canada and shop online, you most probably know how painful it is to find out that the particular US store doesn’t ship to Canada after you’ve spent a couple of hours filling your shopping cart with products you really wanted. Despite the fact that the US and Canada are neighbouring countries, a vast majority of small, midsize and even some big American stores still don’t ship to Canada.      

To help Canadians shop in the US and ship to Canada, we created Parcl - a simple and secure US to Canada forwarding service. If you want to get goods from US stores that don’t ship to Canada, you can now simply order shipping at Parcl.

How package forwarding from the US to Canada works


Get a free US shipping address for shopping


Step 1: Create a delivery request at Parcl



Step 2: Receive delivery offers



Have packages forwarded from the US to your country


Step 3: Accept the best offer and get a FREE US address for shopping



Step 4: Shop online at US stores using your Parcl US shipping address


Have packages forwarded from the US to your country



Step 5: Have your buys shipped to you

No payment or other commitment required

Why use Parcl for shipping from the USA to Canada

Here at Parcl we do our best to make your international shopping safe and hassle-free. At Parcl you can:

  • shop at big retailers or small US stores (eBay, Amazon, Disney, Target and many other American stores);
  • order as many items as you want from one or multiple shops;
  • consolidate several boxes into one big box and save up to 60% on shipping;
  • pay upfront using PayPal - forwarders will never surprize you with unexpectedly high shipping costs after receiving your package from the store;
  • choose a verified US resident to ship packages from the US to Canada;
  • trust your delivery to the world’s leading shipping providers, such as USPS, FedEx, TNT, UPS;
  • enjoy a simple and secure worldwide delivery process!

No payment or other commitment required

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